Welcome to FlamingoPHYSIO in your home 


An Informal and fun health talk

Why not book me to talk to you in the comfort of your own home FOR FREE! 


I call this my 'Tupperware party for HEALTH'!

It works like this.. you invite at least 4 friends to your house, (the more the merrier, they just need to be able to fit in to one room).

Male, female, younger, older it really doesn't matter.

I will enlighten you with as much of my 15 year physiotherapy career knowledge as I possibly can, in about 45 minutes!


You will laugh, learn and most importantly practice simple movement changes you will make for the rest of you life!!

Please ask the people coming to bring cash or card...

I will bring copies of the Flamingo PHYSIO book which contains ALL the information you will learn. You can choose to buy a copy at a discounted price at the end of the session. 


I currently cover Exeter, Mid Devon and South Devon regions. Please contact me if you would like me to travel further.

Contact me to discuss further and to book.


FlamingoPHYSIO is the answer. Simple, easy to follow advice for your everyday tasks.


No more time consuming exercises!

No more unnecessary trips to the doctors!

A sample video of the talk. Why activating your 'gluts' is so important!

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