What is Flamingo PHYSIO?

Did you know standing on one leg, like a flamingo, can help prevent pain?


Hello, I'm Cara the founder of Flamingo PHYSIO. 

I am a flamingo loving highly experienced Physiotherapist, absolutely passionate about encouraging people to move more, in ways they love, forever!

Physical and mental health are intricately linked and with the year we've all been through it's more prevalent than ever to help both.

As a seasoned health care professional I am privileged to have access to a world of trusted advice every single day and with Flamingo PHYSIO I can now share this knowledge with you.

The ethos of Flamingo PHYSIO is to encourage you to reach your health potential regardless of age, current fitness level and pain.

I have a range of options to help unlock your healthy future:

The Flamingo PHYSIO book teaches you to how easy it can be to move better around your house.

The Flamingo PHYSIO membership allows access to the incredibly supportive and friendly Facebook community. You will learn and laugh with weekly fitness classes, monthly guest appearance from a health specialist, regular discount offers for my products and courses and a buddy scheme to keep you on track and motivated with your health.

The Flamingo PHYSIO online courses are video courses dedicated to showing easy methods to ease pain and move well. You can choose to focus on a particular body areas such as the low back, or task focused such as gardening. 

In more normal times I also offer speaking events to groups both big and small to encourage body movement awareness.


Please contact me to see what is available to be offered online.

I look forward to helping you on your forever health journey.

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"Such practical and easy to implement exercises and advice. I've just started the neck week and already i'm finding it helpful! I cant wait to try the other online courses out too."