What is Flamingo PHYSIO?

Did you know standing on one leg, like a flamingo, can help prevent pain?


Hello, I'm Cara the founder of Flamingo PHYSIO. 

After many years and seeing thousands of patients as a Physiotherapist in the NHS, I become increasingly aware that the majority of my caseload was pain not caused by injury, but pain simply brought on by poor movement habits.

I want to reach people before they developed pain so started a business to do just that.

Have you ever considered:

  • How you sit on the sofa to watch Netflix?

  • How you stand when preparing food?

  • Even your postures when on the toilet?!


The true brilliance of Flamingo PHYSIO is that you don't change anything about the life you lead, you simply learn how to vary your postures as you are leading it.

"Such practical and easy to implement exercises and advice. I've just started the neck week and already i'm finding it helpful! I cant wait to try the other courses out too."