Welcome to FlamingoPHYSIO  for Businesses


Invite me to do a presentation in your office or place of work.

I currently cover London and the South West.

This is a fully tailored, fun, yet incredibly educational presentation, specific to your sector of work. 

Help your staff learn how to stay pain free whilst at work. 

You will leave with a full understanding of how best to move WHILST you continue to work. I am all about making functional changes, so no time away from your vital work.

At your request I offer 1:1 ergonomic assessments after the presentation.

Price list

Group talks lasting 45 minutes (for up to 10 people)


This is an interactive talk highlighting movement changes the group can make whilst working. It is very educational whilst remaining fun and informal.

The talk is totally tailored to the work environment of the group. 

It will teach them how to avoid problems, whilst not affecting their work.

Flamingo Physio 1:1 30 minute office assessment

£25 (per person)

This is an in-depth ergonomic assessment of how the individual is currently moving at work.

It will educate them about how they can improve their movement to prevent the onset of pain, or reduce existing pains.

EVERYTHING that is taught can be recapped in the fantastic Flamingo Physio book. It is packed full of easy to understand advice and vibrant colourful pictures and diagrams.

Discounts may be available for bulk orders.

FlamingoPHYSIO is the answer. Simple, easy to follow advice for your everyday tasks.


No more time consuming exercises!

No more unnecessary trips to the doctors!

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