Online Courses

Our selection of online video courses are designed to educate individuals and businesses alike, in a fun & engaging way.

Body aches and pains are in many cases avoidable if we just change some of our bad habits! Our week long courses and our new gardening course, are designed to help you understand ways you can improve your everyday movements to kiss goodbye to pain for good.

Presented in a fun yet informative way, each class is individually recorded so you can view at your own pace and revisit the areas that are specific to your lifestyle.


We have partnered with local businesses who are looking to improve their occupational health during these difficult times of remote working.


Our courses can support you and your colleagues with guidance on improving posture, breaking bad habits and expert tips on ways to prevent pain.

The Neck Pain Week

Combat neck pain with this 5 day video course. Learn what causes neck pain and how to change habits to avoid it in the future.

The Low Back Week

Persistent back pain? Poor posture? The Low Back Week explores how we sit at our desks, the way we stand and techniques we can employ to rid ourselves of back pain forever.

The Hip & Knee Week

Aches in your hips or your knees? We've got you covered. This week long course will educate you on the best ways to avoid pain and understand what causes those persistent aches!

The Gardening Course

We all love our gardens but keeping on top of them can be a workout in itself! This in depth course will keep your body in check whilst you keep your garden in bloom. 

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