• Cara Simpson

I don't believe in poor posture

OK, so this is possibly a controversial point of view but I don't believe in poor postures!

When you read the post title what image came to mind? I think it has the instant symbolism of someone hunched over. My personal opinion is that no postures are bad for us. You need to start thinking about postures for the individual...

Some years ago I had a patient who was a ballerina by profession. She walked into my clinic room with incredible grace and beauty, and yet she had back pain. Further questioning revealed she had been working extremely hard on her upright posture for some months. She had neglected the common slump! Within a week of 're-learning' how to fully flex (slump) she was fighting fit again.

The very next patient I saw that day was an office worker, he spent all day slumped over a laptop...

... i'm sure you get the point!

So you see it isn't that a certain posture is poor, it is simply the length of time an individual repeats the movement. In this hectic world we all now live in much of how we move is governed by our habits and lifestyle. We are incredible machines designed to move. Our amazing body and all its intricate systems need to move to stay in top notch. Take some time out of your usual routines to become movement aware again.

Hence the beauty and simplicity of the Flamingo PHYSIO ethos: movement awareness during your life.

Remember, don't change what you do, simply change how you do it.

Cara x


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