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Standing on one leg is incredibly good for you...

Updated: May 10, 2018

Hello and welcome to my first blog. My aim is to get you, lovely reader, to explore ways in which you can continue to lead your busy life whilst benefiting your incredible body.

In subsequent posts I will be touching on many hard hitting health topics I feel passionate about.

The beginning...

So, did you guess the Flamingo PHYSIO name connection? For those of you that did well done. The idea is simple, if I can encourage you to stand on one leg more often, like a flamingo, it will help prevent pain, like a physio! But mostly it's because I love the alliteration!

So standing on one leg is fantastic for you, who knew?! There are a many reasons behind this simple yet powerful movement...

Firstly, the moment you stand on one leg you become unbalanced, some more than others! Being unbalanced means certain muscle groups are forced into working harder, especially the ones that can get away with little use when we stand on two legs; your bottom muscles! It is too often the case that weak "glutes" (gluteal muscles = muscles in the bottom), are the cause of low back, hip and lower leg pains! Your incredibly clever body compensates for weak "glutes" by over using other muscles in the legs and back which then themselves eventually get fed up and inform the brain by causing a pain message.

Secondly, standing on one leg is probably abnormal for the majority of us. By abnormal I mean most people don't do it that often. The moment you do something that is out of the ordinary you have to concentrate on it. Conscious thought means more general awareness of the whole body, not just balancing. You may become aware that you are craning your neck forwards or you shoulders are hunched. Become mindful of the rest of your body.

Finally, it can give your balance system a super boost. We rely on our eyes, ears and many sensors all around the body to balance. Try shutting your eyes when you balance on one leg and your brain can no longer rely on vision to correct your balance - it's a lot harder than it sounds!

Be safe, please don't fall over! I accept no responsibility by any injuries caused! Yes, it's OK to have a finger tip hold on counter top to start out.

If you're hankering for more information i'll craftily point you in the direction of the Flamingo PHYSIO book! Its packed full of interesting information

Amazing as it seems there are in fact many more reasons it is great for you to stand on one leg. I will get round to exploring why in future blogs.

Remember, don't change what you do, simply change how you do it.

Cara x


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