• Cara Simpson

stop exercising and just stand up more!

Well that's not entirely true!

We all know we need to achieve 30 minutes of pulse raising activity 5 times a week. What you may not know is that it doesn't need to be done in one go.

Did you know it is better for you to be active for a few minutes in every hour than to do intense activity for 30 minutes and then stay static for the rest of the day?

As humans we ideally need the Big Three; cardio vascular exercise (anything that makes your heart pump faster than normal), muscle strength and flexibility.

If you take a second to think about your own life you will probably find you achieve one of the big three most days with little thought because it's part of your current lifestyle. It's what you already enjoy.

We are very good at doing the things we enjoy and not so good at maintaining the things that we don't. So in a typical physio clinic you often find people who are good at going for regular walks, or perhaps yoga, but they do little to no strength training and vice versa.

Flamingo Physio aims to incorporate the big three into every day life. For example learning how to do the roll down technique can increase your flexibility, changing your walking style can start to wake up the cardio vascular system, and standing up from a seated position using your bottom muscles and not your spine can help wake up your bottom muscle strength.

The Flamingo Physio book contains loads of information that you can try to see whats suitable for you and your life. Alternatively please contact me via the website to see how I can help you on a more personal level.

Remember everyone; don't change what you do, simply change how you do it,

Cara x


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